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  • Write high quality articles on any topic knowing next to nothing about it!
  • Increase your income, churn out huge numbers of articles in record time, bypassing hours of research
  • View related topics and extract keyword-rich, information laden sentences from the best sites the Web has to offer!
  • Manipulate and put together reams of keyword rich content for high impact SEO
  • Nourish your site and grow its popularity by keeping it supplied with fresh content all the time
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The Quick Article Pro is for you if:
  • You are a professional SEO content writer with dozens of articles to turn out
  • You run an online business and are in constant need of fresh content
  • You are tired of paying huge amounts to ghost writers to create articles for you you would love an economical solution
  • Your English and grammar is passable but you need to generate high quality content
Does any of this sound like you? Just try out the Trial Download of the Quick Article Pro
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Earlier I used to write a maximum of 2 articles a day, now I can write at least 6! This is great!
Nelly Fernandez, PA
Quick Article Pro lives up to its name. It was incredible, in just half an hour I wrote a 300 word article on Cataracts and Their Causes!
Jim Foster
Being an SEO writer meant hours of research every day but now with Article Pro I just spend maybe half an hour on research-it's incredible I get so much more writing done.
Janna Borges
If you are writing an article on a particular topic, all you have to do is type your keyword in the 'Search' box.
The Quick Article Pro scans the Web for sentences containing your keyword and presents them to you.
You get a whole bunch of keyword-rich sentences and new angles on how you can present your article.
You can pick up sentences in the sequence you want and then rephrase and structure your article
If need be, you can even click on the source url to see the article in its entirety
You also get a list of other topics related to your keyword and can access sentences containing these related topics too. This provides an easy way to expand your articles even further.
Finally you can take all your research results, copy them to clipboard and paste them in a text editor like Word to fashion your article. Buy Now
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