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Quick Article Submitter 3.0  Help
Quick Article PRO 3.0   Help
Article Section
1. You can view the home page of by clicking on this button.
2. Online Support:This button takes you to the contact us page of the product website.
3. New Project: It lets you start a new project.
4. Open Project: You can open the previously saved project by clicking on this button.
5. Save Project: You can save your project in Quick Article Pro. Your project will be saved in QAP Project (*.qap) format.
6. Help: It tells you briefly about what Quick Article Pro 3.0 is.
7. Select language: You can select the language in which you want to write your article.  This drop down has a number of languages for you to select.
8. No. of sentences per search: This drop down gives you an option to select the number of searched sentences you want for a topic. You can select from the options 50,100 or maximum.
9. Search keyword :This text box lets the product search for the keyword that you need to search for your article.
10. Search web: You can select the language in which you want to write your article.  This drop down has a number of languages for you to select.
11. Stop search: It stops the product to web search for the keyword you are searching on web.
12. Search status: The search status bar appears on the screen as you click on search web button. It shows the status of the search and you are required to wait till search status bar on 100%. When the search bar reaches at 100% you will get a pop up message that search is complete.
13. Topic for article: This area shows the topics for the article like introduction, conclusion, brief etc.
14. Sentences on topic: This area shows the sentences of the topic. The number of searched sentences will be 50 or 100 or maximum according to the option you have selected in the drop down option in No. of sentences per search.
15. Full sentence: This space displays full sentence that you have selected from sentences on topic for you to decide whether you want to select and add in your article or not. The deselected sentences are not displayed in full sentence space.
16. Move selected sentences: This button moves the selected sentences to View text area where your article is getting prepared.
17. View text: This area shows the sentences that you have moved. It shows your article that is getting prepared selecting and moving sentences.
18. Add a custom topic: This option lets you add a custom topic to topics for article area. The custom topics that you have written in the text box against add a custom topic and by clicking on the button marked + will get added to topic for article area. The custom topic that you have added in the topics for article space will show a red mark to indicate that the sentences related to that particular custom topic has been pre selected by the product and now you can move them by simply clicking on the move selected sentences button.
19. Source Url: It shows the url from which the product has got the searched sentences and topics.  
20. Publish to word: Allows you to publish your article in MS Word.
21. Publish to Notepad: Allows you to publish your article in Notepad.
22. Publish to WordPad: Allows you to publish your article in MS WordPad.
23. Copy to clipboard: Allows you to copy your article to clipboard.
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