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Quick Article Submitter is an absolute sanity saver! I'd spent hours submitting to directories and was tearing my hair out, I came across your software and I couldn't believe how easy and straight forward it made the whole process. I seriously can't thank you enough.
James Anderson
Being an SEO writer meant hours of research every day but now with Article Pro I just spend maybe half an hour on research-its incredible I get so much more writing done.
Janna Borges

SEO content Writing With Quick Article Pro After Google Update

Developing content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important techniques in promoting a product, service or idea. After the Google Panda update, there have been slight changes in the algorithm and the way how SEO is done, yet content is the most important factor in ranking your website. It determines where your site stands in the search engines. Unique content is sought after by marketers to generate traffic and thereby sales. To write such authentic content, a marketer needs a tool with perfect ability. Quick Article Pro article software is the key tool for article writing. This product enables you to do keyword-rich SEO content writing and increase the viewer ship of your website. Writing unique content is every marketer's dream and with Quick Article Software, it can be realized!


Tips on writing unique web content using Quick Article Pro

Even if there have been changes after the Google update, following certain tips and with the help of this software, you can write unique, industry-specific content for your website. If you follow these simple tips, you can be a pro in writing exclusive content.
  • The importance of content
    When drawing attention to your website is concerned, content has played a vital role, and it always will. The prospective buyer knows or understands your website through your content. You have to keep in mind that your web content writing is for the customer and Quick Article Pro does that for you!

  • Keywords in title
    The title of your content should not only be persuasive but should have a keyword in order to catch the customer's eye. Though, what is important here is the fact that keywords also catch the attention of search engine robots. Therefore, keeping a keyword in the title is a very sane thought. With this software, you can write appealing headlines.

  • Keyword length and density
    Your keyword length and density pertain to the medium you are posting your content on. This program understands the need of the keywords and puts them for you at required places. It identifies your readers' interest and therefore, inserts keywords accordingly.

  • Keeping the content simple and terse
    WIt helps you to keep your web writing site-centric. It also ensures that the content does not sway from its original purpose. A reader never likes confusing content, which is written with no purpose. You can keep your content information specific if you use Quick Article Pro.

  • The Inverted Pyramid Style
    It borrows the 'Inverted Pyramid' concept from journalism and writes according to that. This means it keeps all the important information at the beginning and writes the least important one at the bottom. Therefore, it makes a chronological sequence of your information.

Benefits of using Quick Article Pro
  • You do not need to pay article writers who end up writing the same content for all the clients.
  • The content is authentic and there is no chance of duplication.
  • It speedily generates keyword-rich content.
  • The SEO content writing done using this software is impressive and creative.
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